Give me the kind of love that turns my past into an etch-a-sketch and shakes the broken out of me. - Shane Koyczan
Damn the radio…put on a vinyl…
Just dance with me
Let me look into those pretty brown galaxies
and appreciate the fact
that there’s no fault in your stars,
Can I grab your waist?
In this moment,
I want to grab you firm enough
to remind you I’ll never let you slip away
but gentle enough to notice the silk fabric
of your night gown sliding side to side
in my fingers as we sway back and forth
and back and forth…
and back…and forth…
and…back and…forth…
until I notice the skin in the curves of your neck
has become honey…
dripping down onto your breasts
and slowly slipping down
towards a place too poetic
to compare to Heaven
but too heavenly
to compare with words,
As you’ve become honey,
I’ve become thirsty…with a sweet tooth,
To drink you has become as necessary
as water and peace
to taste you essentially means
being drowned in liquid gold
I’ve lost all inhibitions to the sounds
of Central Park West,
Let me play with your piano
embracing just the right keys
until you scream out like a saxophone
and you let all the music your body
has to offer me…out…
We’re just gettin’ lost in the moment, baby
Ain’t nothing but a dance, baby
Ain’t nothing to it but time…baby…
So damn the radio…put on a vinyl
We got something as old as 45s
playing at the juke joint
with a song I could dance
with you to until life faded out

Honey | Amarii Davu (via bloodonthepapyrus)